15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (2023)

The pandemic and the rise of hybrid working have undoubtedly changed our relationship with office space, business of all shapes and sizes nowadays are seeking flexibility when renting a workspace. Among the different kinds of flexible workspaces available in the market,serviced officein particular is a great option for startups, scale-ups and SMEs that are looking for premium working environments and fully serviced features. For those on the hunt for the best serviced offices in Hong Kong, we’ve pulled out 15 in the city to kickstart your search.

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What is a serviced office?

Compass Offices — Multiple locations

The Executive Centre — Central, Admiralty, Quarry Bay

Regus — Multiple locations

theDesk — Multiple locations

CEO Suite — Tsim Sha Tsui

Three Commas — Aberdeen

ATLASSPACE — Tsim Sha Tsui

My Icon Serviced Office — Causeway Bay

Mau I Business Centre — Causeway Bay

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Office Plus — Multiple locations

Startup Offices — Multiple locations

Serviced Offices Booking Platform In Hong Kong


What is a serviced office?

A serviced office,also known as a managed office, is anoffice space that is usually found within a business centre that is fully equipped and managed by afacility managementcompany, which then rents individual offices or floors to othercompanies. Serviced office providers are generally able to offer more flexiblerentalterms, as compared to conventionalleasedoffices, and they often provide internet, reception services,business machines, cleaning and maintenance services, along with other facilities and resources.

Compass Offices— Multiple locations

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Compass Offices provides corporates and professionals with business-ready flexible office space at business centres located in prime districts in Hong Kong, as well as across major cities in Asia Pacific. With13 business centreslocated in 6 of Hong Kong’s districts across both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, its serviced offices offer all the facilities and value-added services a modern business needs to thrive, including fully furnished office space, business lounges, café areas, as well asenterprise-grade IT infrastructure, a synchronised Wi-Fi system across all business centres, and on-site assistance from the multilingual client services team. The office rental packages also come with a broad range of business amenities. In addition, they have virtual offices, business servicesandcustomisable optionsto fit your specific needs. It is well worth checking out if you are looking for excellent facilities and a contemporary feel.

Where:Multiple locations across Hong Kong, including Central, Sheung Wan, Admiralty, Causeway Bay, North Point, and Tsim Sha Tsui

Contact:Call +852 3796 7188 or WhatsApp +852 6396 7907

The Executive Centre— Central, Admiralty, Quarry Bay

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (2)

With over 25 years of expertise in flexible workspace solutions, The Executive Centre is one of the largest office space providers in Asia. Each centre offers aprestigious addresswith theadvanced infrastructure, so when you take on an office space here, you get to enjoy the elevated work experience and complimentary first-class business services, includingglobal accessto its business centres around the world.

Locations:Central, Admiralty, and Quarry Bay

Contact:+852 2168 0838

would rule— Multiple locations

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (3)

With coverage of around 3000 locations spread across 900 cities and 120 countries around the world, Regus has alarge international networkof workspaces. Members can use the Regus App to find locations and book workspace quickly and work from the full-serviced offices just about anywhere.

Locations:Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Wong Chuk Hang, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Kwun Tong

Contact:+852 3008 0282

theDesk— Multiple locations

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (4)

Whether you are looking for a permanent location for your business or you are part of the flexible workforce, every theDesk location has a range of workspace options and services that suit your needs. Dedicated front desk services, 24/7 secure access and CCTV monitoring, multi-function meeting rooms, and complimentary beverages are among the amenities available in its business centres.

Locations:Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Sheung Wan, Sai Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hung Hom Bay, Kwun Tong, Cheung Sha Wan, Sha Tin

Contact: [emailprotected]

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Servcorp— Central & Tsim Sha Tsui

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (5)

Operating in 20 countries, 41 cities and in 150 locations globally, Servcorp has offices in some ofthe world’s most iconic buildings, all of which offerfirst class hospitality, amazing views, and modern interiorfor a distraction-free atmosphere. By joining its membership, you will have direct access to one of the world’s largest business communities of 50,000 business people, to sell your products and services, create events and discussions, and enjoy discounts exclusive to Servcorp.

Locations:Central and Tsim Sha Tsui

Contact:+852 2251 8808

Bela Offices— Central & Sheung Wan

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (6)

Bela Offices aims to offer a truly premium serviced office experience at affordable prices, providingflexible lease termsandtailored commercial plansto each business owner. The private offices boast cutting-edge settings such aselectronic sit-to-stand desksandupgraded ergonomic office chairsthat boost your team’s comfort and efficiency.

Locations:Central and Sheung Wan

Contact: [emailprotected]

CEO Suite— Tsim Sha Tsui

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (7)

CEO Suite is a well-known premium one-stop Serviced Office provider in Asia, run by multi-cultural industry experts to provide first class workplace solutions at reasonable rates. Boastingsuperb waterfront views of the iconic Victoria Harbour, CEO Suite’s Hong Kong location is housed inside K11 ATELIER. Its flexible workspace can cater for most needs, and offers a space whichbalances both aesthetics and key functions.

Location:Tsim Sha Tsui

Contact:+852 3166 6166

Three Commas— Aberdeen

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (8)

Located just across from Wong Chuk Hang MTR Station,Three Commascertainly has the wow factor. Its office space is acombination ofco-working spaceand business centre, and all of the private office spaces are designed withwindows or private balcony and noise-reduced wallsto create a quiet, comfortable and spacious working environment.


Contact: [emailprotected]

ATLASPACE— Tsim Sha Tsui

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (9)

ATLASPACE is a leading, Grade A Office Operator which provides co-working and flexible private office solutions for all budgets. The offices come fully equipped with premium furniture and access to over 7,000 sq. ft of co-working space, multi-purpose meeting rooms, event space, soundproof phone booths and a members-only lounge area. With minimal security deposits, ATLASPACE provides a convenient, efficient and value-added experience for all private office members.

Location:16/F, Tower 5, The Gateway, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

Contact: [emailprotected]

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Jumpstart Business Centre— Tsim Sha Tsui & Kwun Tong

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (10)

Jumpstart Business Centreoperates a network of serviced offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms in Hong Kong and China. Its serviced offices are furnished to the highest specification, with features like 24/7 secure fingerprint access control, CCTV monitoring, and high-speed Wi-Fi. There are also a variety of add-on administrative and business services catered to individual business needs.

Locations:Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwun Tong

Contact: [emailprotected]

My Icon Serviced Office— Causeway Bay

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (11)

Located at one of the most desirable and prime business locations in Hong Kong, My Icon Serviced Office is only a few minutes away from the Causeway Bay MTR station. The fully-serviced office offers free internet access, photocopying, fully-equipped meeting rooms and pantry, as well as professional reception services, suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Location:2/F, Cameron Commercial Centre, 458-468 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

Contact: [emailprotected]

Mau I Business Centre— Causeway Bay

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (12)

With decades of experience of serving business partners from different industries in Hong Kong, Mau I Business Centre’s serviced office offers everything you need in order to get started: meeting rooms, comfortable workstations, networking opportunities, and also snacks and drinks. The centre’s interior also doesn’t fail to impress. Its down-to-earth professional design portrays it’s more than a conventional workspace, but one with character.

Location:15/F, Radio City, 505 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

Contact: [emailprotected]

Office Plus— Multiple locations

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (13)

Office Plus’ serviced offices are located at the heart of the commercial hubs of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The offices’strategic locationsmeans that workers are not far from the transport links, bus stops and subways are in proximity to the office space, providingeasy journeys to commuters. All the usual office conditions have been adequately matched in the fully furnished workspaces with adequate facilities enabling your business to have the necessary foundations to succeed.

Locations:Sheung Wan, Wan Chai, Prince Edward, Mong Kok

Contact: [emailprotected]

Startup Offices— Multiple locations

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (14)

Startup Business Centre provides fully-furnished serviced offices in four different locations in Hong Kong, all equipped withexcellent facilities, administrative support, and all-inclusive utilities. In addition to providing space for you to kick-start your business, the consulting team at Startup Offices comprises of legal, accounting and tax and marketing experts who can help smooth your way to successful business operation.

Locations:Admiralty, Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Mong Kok

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Contact:+852 3728 3728

V&G Business Centre— Multiple locations

15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (15)

Locating in several commercial districts of Hong Kong, V&G Business Centre is an all-round business centre designed to cater for startups, oversea corporates, non-profit organisationsand enterprises, with a range of practical facilities and secretarial and corporate services, including reception services, business arrangement, company formation services, accounting and taxation, and visa application services, etc.

Locations:San Po Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Bay, and Sheung Wan

Contact: [emailprotected]

Serviced Offices Booking Platform In Hong Kong


15 Best Serviced Offices & Business Centres In Hong Kong - The HK HUB (16)

The Serviced Office Hong Kong (SOHK) team has accrued years of hands on experience as booking agents for both large corporates, SMEs, and local businesses, meaning they are expertly equipped to manage your business office infrastructure needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a representative of your company in finding or booking a serviced or furnished office in Hong Kong, the team will provide expert advisory and secure you the optimal corporate rates, at zero cost to your business. AsSOHK covers the entire serviced office market in Hong Kong, the online platform deals with a large number of transactions and thereby securing and negotiating the optimal prices for businesses. Moreover, if you do not find a serviced office on their website, simply let them know, and you will be eligible for Apple gift cards via your bookings through SOHK (subject to length of lease and serviced office availability).

Where:Visit theSOHK online platform.


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